At NL Eats, we unite to empower communities and drive sustainable change from the ground up.

NL Eats is dedicated to eradicating food insecurity and fostering sustainable food systems. We believe in empowering communities through equitable access to nutritious food, supporting sustainable agricultural practices, and promoting economic and educational advancement.

Unprecedented Food Bank Demand

The region has seen a surge in food bank usage, marking the highest in Canadian history, with a 78.5 percent increase since 2019.

Work and Living Cost Challenges

Young people face immense barriers to empowerment and educational opportunities due to a lack of accessible services leading to high rates of homelessness, mental health crises, and educational disruptions, particularly exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gender Inequality in Agriculture

Women in Newfoundland's agriculture encounter barriers like limited resources and training, impacting gender equality and sector growth. Despite support initiatives, targeted efforts are essential for equitable development.

What we do

At NL Eats, our mission revolves around four key pillars: Awareness, Education, Empowerment, & Solution Oriented-Approach.
We are dedicated to combating food insecurity through community-driven initiatives.


Raising consciousness about critical community issues, especially food insecurity and its impact on underserved populations.


Providing educational programs and workshops to inform and equip youth with knowledge and skills essential for their personal and professional development


Actively engaging with youth, particularly from visible minority and underserved groups, to foster confidence, skill-building, and self-sufficiency.

Solution-Oriented Approach

Implementing practical, community-based solutions to address the immediate needs and long-term challenges faced by our target demographics.


Families supported via foodbank
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Youth involved in outreach initiatives
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Jobs created canada wide
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