Participants in the Community Builders Program benefit from real-world experience in agriculture, exclusive workshops with industry professionals, and opportunities to lead community projects that make a tangible impact.

Our Community Builders Program is actively engaging students across Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario, providing them with the tools and knowledge to become leaders in sustainable food practices. Join the movement at NL Eats Community Builders Program.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Skills:

    Students gain hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture techniques, learning the importance of eco-friendly practices.

  • Nutritional Awareness:

    We equip youth with knowledge about nutritional science, promoting healthy eating habits and food choices.

  • Community Leadership:

    The program fosters leadership skills, encouraging students to initiate community projects related to food security and sustainability.

  • Economic Understanding:

    Participants learn about the economic aspects of food production and distribution, preparing them for informed decision-making in the future.

Co-creating with Youth: The Future of Food Security Starts Here

The Community Builders Program inspires young people to lead the way in making their communities better through sustainable food initiatives. By blending hands-on agricultural education with leadership development, this program cultivates a new generation of environmentally conscious and community-minded leaders, ready to tackle food insecurity head-on and build a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Program Highlights

Gonzaga High School's Triumph

A week-long food drive that not only collected substantial food donations but also heightened awareness on food insecurity among students and faculty.

Green Thumbs Up

The approval of a Garden Grant marks a significant step towards hands-on agricultural education, enabling students to learn about sustainable food production firsthand.

Innovative Learning

The forthcoming webinar series aims to further educate and inspire students, equipping them with agritech knowledge and tools to contribute meaningfully to food security efforts.

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As we reflect on the successes and learnings of the past months, we are inspired to expand our reach, deepen our impact, and continue to empower the next generation of community leaders in the fight against food insecurity.

Ready to make a difference? Dive into the world of sustainable food practices and community leadership with our Community Builders Program. Get started today at NL Eats Community Builders Program.

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