We are NL Eats.

NL Eats is dedicated to eradicating food insecurity and fostering sustainable food systems. We believe in empowering communities through equitable access to nutritious food, supporting sustainable agricultural practices, and promoting economic and educational advancement.

Our Core

Community Led

We prioritize community-led solutions that address local needs and aspirations.


Our commitment extends to environmental stewardship, promoting practices that ensure long-term ecological balance and resource availability.

Equity & Inclusion

We strive for fairness and equal access to resources and opportunities, particularly for marginalized and underrepresented groups.


We believe in the power of partnerships and collective action to amplify impact and drive systemic change.

Our Pillars of

Equitable Food Distribution

Ensuring everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food.

Sustainable Agriculture

Advocating and implementing environmentally friendly farming practices while promoting the vital role of women in agriculture and ensuring their equal participation and benefits.

Economic Stability

Providing education and resources to enhance financial stability and independence.

Youth Engagement

Investing in the next generation through empowerment and educational initiatives ages 15 - 35.

NL Eats is deeply committed to working hand-in-hand with communities, listening to their voices, and adapting our strategies to meet their evolving needs. We pledge to create and nurture sustainable communities where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, supported by a fair, inclusive, and sustainable food system.

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