Meet adib


Adib Rahman

Co-Founder / Director of Marketing

Tell us about yourself! What are your core experiences?

I’m passionate about everything related to food. I love cooking and experimenting with different cuisine. I’m a talented and creative person, I know how to play over 12 different musical instruments, and love video editing/filmmaking. My role with NL Eats involves overlooking all of our campaigns and innovating our brand identity to reach more youth. Before being involved with NL Eats, I have been working as a Chef for the past 3 years while working with various marketing/events agencies on a contract basis from across the country. I’m an ambitious person, and love learning new things as well as applying myself to different situations to excel. During my undergrad life, I have also been an ongoing marketing coordinator for different departments and faculties of Memorial University. My core interest lies in: events planning, campaign management, and fundraising.

What do you love about the NL community?

The ease of access to one of the most beautiful views in the world. Newfoundland is surrounded by the best of nature.

What do you love about NL Eats?

NL Eats is close to my heart, watching this small project grow into the amazing organization it is today, has been amazing. One thing I love about NL Eats is the fact that we were able to bring together so many amazingly talented people and youth from across the province, country, and the globe! This has been a delightful experience to be a part of.

What’s something fun about you?

I can play 16 instruments and speak 5 languages.

What’s something you can’t live without?

My musical instruments and if I am being honest, my phone haha.

Favourite food?

Pasta and Ramen!

Never have I ever..

Lost in a thumbs war.