Meet Saif

Tell us about yourself!

Saif graduated from Memorial University with a degree in Engineering and Applied Science. As a Chief Innovation Officer at NL Eats, Saif focuses on leading social innovation strategies that align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Saif Ahmed

Chief Innovation Officer

What are your core experiences?

My core experiences are in research, data analytics and project management. I love troubleshooting issues, validating them with data and utilizing data to make informed optimization decisions for the future. On the side, I have been mentoring individuals on career progression in engineering.

What do you love about the NL community?

I love how the NL community is diverse and supportive towards any measurable impact in the community. The community provides a pathway to access professional networks and support from the network of entrepreneurs and creative change-makers in the community.

What do you love about NL Eats?

I love how NL Eats is bringing together the community of diverse talents who are working on creating a tangible impact in the community. I love how NLEats focuses on bringing conversations surrounding food insecurity and involve youth towards developing a sustainable future.

What’s something fun about you?

I am spontaneous and love experimenting cultural cuisine from YouTube blogs.

What’s something you can’t live without?

Short vacations with family. I love planning for the long weekend.

Favourite food?

Fried Chicken.

Never have I ever..

Been skydiving. Planning to do it soon.:)