Meet Shourov

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a Business Diploma Graduate at Memorial University. My passions are community development, marketing and interpersonal relationships. Currently working as the Chief of Marketing and Public Relations at NL Eats, I have also managed a range of campaigns for above 35 brands and has 5 years of experience in various sales roles. Shourov enjoys spending time with family and firmly believes in the power of everyday people to make more possible.


Shourov Islam

Co Founder and Chief, Marketing and PR

What are your core experiences?

Marketing Sales and Partnerships Management Public Relations Business Development

What do you love about the NL community?

Over my time here, I have gone from a stranger to a friendly face in the community. To me, the relationships that I have created during my time here personify what Newfoundland is truly about and what makes it unlike any other place in the world. Being there for each other.

What do you love about NL Eats?

When thinking about NL Eats, I remember creating our core values of Community, Culture and Cuisine. Thats what I cherish,through bringing together people, places, things and stories we’ve created something larger than life!

What’s something fun about you?

Depending on my mood, I can be the life of the party or tear the party down. My mood depends on the party, of course.

What’s something you can’t live without?

Family, Friends and working on fun things. Being bored is something I can't live with!

Favourite food?

Spicy (hotter the better) chicken wings and beer on tap.

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