Bicycle Campaign

Wheels for meals

About campaign

Wheels For Meals is a collaborative project between NL Eats and 3 bikers from Ontario. This project began when Callum, Ambrose and Grant decided to start a 4,100 km bike trip across Canada, starting in Peterborough, Ontario and ending in Vancouver, British Columbia. NL Eats thought this would be a great fundraising opportunity, to showcase not only their biking adventure but showcase Canada and fundraise to help support NL Eats’ food banks and other projects driven to raise awareness about food insecurity.

cause - What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity is having consistent, reliable access to safe, nutritious food. Food security is determined by four components: availability, access, utilization and stability. When any one of these components are stressed or unmet, it’s considered food insecurity.

how to get involved

If you would like to take part in our fundraiser you can sign up by clicking on the Register Now Button! This will redirect you to another site where you can create an account and indicate your target distance to cycle and target donation amount. Make sure to keep track of your distance cycled by using a health tracking app like Strava. If you would like to make a donation and not join the cycle challenge you can click on the Donate now button and it will redirect you to a shopify page where you can make your donation. To learn more about our project click the Learn more button below. 

Encourage others to join and donate by sharing photos to your social media and tagging us @nleats_ on Instagram and using the hashtag #WheelsForMeals. Donate now to support our cause or sign up and start biking your challenge distance and fundraise yourself!